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assumptions, Paragraph Paragraph
augmented matrix, Paragraph Paragraph
Battle of the Sexes, Example
Cake Division, Paragraph
Chicken, Example Paragraph
Class-Wide Prisoner's Dilemma, Paragraph
Competitive Advantage, Exercise
constant-sum game, Definition
cooperate, Paragraph
cooperation, Paragraph
cooperative game, Paragraph
defect, Paragraph
defection, Paragraph
dominated by, Definition
dominates, Paragraph Definition
Dr. Strangelove, Paragraph
equally likely events, Example
mixed strategy, Paragraph
equilibrium pair, Definition Paragraph
equilibrium point, Paragraph
expected payoff, Paragraph
finite game, Item
Footloose, Question
game matrix, Paragraph
Generalized One-Card Stud Poker, Example
graphical solution, Section
infinite game, Item
iterated Prisoner's Dilemma, Paragraph
Liar's Poker, Example
Matching Pennies, Paragraph Example
maximin mixed strategy, Item Item
maximin strategy, Paragraph
graphical solution, Section
repeated games, Paragraph
maximin strategy, repeated games, Paragraph
minimax, Paragraph
minimax strategy
repeated games, Exercise
mixed strategies, expected value solution, Paragraph
mixed strategy, Definition
graphical solution, Section
mixed strategy equilibrium, Paragraph
net gain, Paragraph
non-cooperative game, Paragraph
non-cooperative games, Paragraph
non-zero-sum game, Paragraph
One-Card Stud Poker, Example
payoff vector, Paragraph
perfect information, Item Paragraph
perfectly logical, Item
player, Paragraph
popular culture, Paragraph Paragraph
Prisoner's Dilemma, Example Paragraph
probability, Paragraph Paragraph
proof by contradiction, Paragraph
pure strategy, Definition
rational, Item
rationality, Paragraph
Rebel Without a Cause, Paragraph
Return to Paradise, Paragraph
Rock-Paper-Scissors, Exercise Paragraph Exercise
self-interest, Item
self-interested, Item
solution, Item
Solution Theorem for Zero-Sum Games, Paragraphs
solution to two player game
graphical, Section
strategy pair, Paragraph
strategy, mixed, Definition
strategy, pure, Definition
strategy, repeated game, Paragraph
symmetric game, Paragraph
systems of equations, Paragraph
The Princess Bride, Paragraph
Tic Tac Toe, Paragraph
Tit for Tat strategy, Item
Undercut, Example
Volunteer's Dilemma, Paragraph
zero-sum game, Paragraph Definition